‘Pansy’ flower will be in a new ‘Pilot’ series, as well as ‘Dragon’ and ‘Blue’ series by The Walt Disney Company

A new flower will appear in a series of new animated series titled “Pansies,” the Walt Disney Co. announced Thursday.

Pansys are the name given to the first female flowers introduced in “Pilot” and “Blue,” both of which feature female characters.

The new series is a reboot of “Pets,” which first debuted in “The Little Mermaid” in 1992.

The series will be titled “The Pansy Project,” and it will follow the life of a young, orphaned panda, and her adventures as she learns to communicate with other pandas.

In the series, the female pandas will learn to communicate through “pansies” – the cute creatures that live in the panda world.

Panda panda: The first female panda in the seriesThe series, created by The WolfWorks, will focus on a young panda named Pansys, who lives in a panda sanctuary.

“It’s about learning to communicate and learning to care for others and be a leader and mentor for others, so that one day we can have a thriving pandas and have more pandas around the world,” Disney Co.-Chairman Bob Iger said.

“Papas are the only animals on Earth that don’t have a mate.

We’ve got to get them into this space and make sure that they’re thriving and have an environment to thrive in.”

The series was first announced in July.


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