Which song is trending?

MTV News’ charts team crunches the numbers for the chart week that will come to a close this weekend.

The charts team at MTV News decided to do a series of charts this week.

It took us about 20 minutes to put together the chart.

It’s a really quick read.

We also want to give you the chance to respond with your own charts to our chart week discussion at the end of this post.

So the charts team has done a great job of putting together the charts that we will be releasing this weekend, and we wanted to share a few of the charts with you.

Here’s what we saw on the chart:The first chart is a chart of the number of streams for each artist, as determined by Nielsen SoundScan.

You can see the artists who have been most consistently streaming live, as well as the streamers who have also been consistently streaming.

You’ll also see that the chart shows a drop-off from the top of the chart to the bottom of the list as streaming rates rise.

The chart also shows a big spike in the number who have a single album on Spotify.

(The chart is also updated for each chart week, so you’ll see the number drops as streaming is rising.)

The next chart shows the percentage of live streams for all artists.

You may notice that the streaming rate has been growing, but it’s still a bit low compared to the peak of the previous chart, which was a peak in March.

We’re also not seeing a lot of growth for artists who are streaming live more than once per week, as the number is falling for many of them.

This chart also has an interesting chart that includes artist streaming data.

This chart includes all the artists streaming on Spotify over the past month, as that data is aggregated by Nielsen.

It shows how much streaming is happening on Spotify at any given moment.

We’re not yet able to share all of the Spotify streaming data in this chart.

For now, you can see that artists with multiple streaming streams on Spotify have had the biggest jump in streaming rates.

(In the chart, the Spotify number is for each single album that the artist has uploaded to Spotify.)

The last chart shows how many streaming artists are on Spotify right now.

This is a different chart, but the data is still very similar.

(It also includes artist streams that are not included in the streaming numbers.)

The most recent chart looks at how many songs were streamed on Spotify on the week of February 28.

This was the week before Spotify announced the launch of its streaming service.

The streaming numbers for that week are shown in the chart above.

It’s a great chart to compare Spotify to other services, and this is one of the best charts we’ve seen to date.

The artists who were streaming the most live have had an enormous jump in their streams.

The number of songs streamed per artist was up from a low of 7.5 million in May to a high of 17.3 million this past week.

(There was a big drop in Spotify’s streaming numbers in February.)

Spotify’s numbers have also improved significantly for some artists.

The song “Gangnam Style” from Korean rapper Psy has had the most streams since May of this year.

The next song that came in at number one, “Bad Religion,” has had its streams doubled.

The artist who is the biggest-selling artist on Spotify this year is Drake.

The only other artist who has posted more than 100,000 songs on Spotify in the past two weeks is Taylor Swift.

So while there is a clear drop in streaming activity, Spotify has been a great service for artists and fans.

This year, it is clear that the company has a lot to celebrate.


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