The best and worst of flower drawings

I just posted the most beautiful and most beautiful flower drawing on Instagram. 

The only thing I could think of that I wouldn’t do is paint my nails blue.

I’m not even sure how I ever went from the color blue to a full on manicure.

I mean, I’ve never done a manicure with any color before.

I was super excited when I received the card, but I didn’t expect it to look so…different. 

The card reads:  It’s been years since I’ve seen a flower that’s so perfectly shaped.

It’s almost as if my brain has made an entire flower out of its own cells. 

I’ve been looking for an explanation for how the flowers look and it turns out they’re all from one single thing: the ink. 

Every time I’m drawing, I look at the color on the card.

The color has always been my favorite part of the drawing. 

But the real kicker is that this card doesn’t say anything about it. 

This card says something about the shape of the card: “There’s a reason why this card is so beautiful.

It’s just the right color.

You’ll never guess.”

The card then goes on to say: “This is a real-life example of why you should always look at your cards.” 

So…what’s the real reason why a flower is perfect? 

I’m not really sure.

I guess it’s just that my brain is so good at looking for patterns. 

For me, it’s really hard to decide which part of a flower should be highlighted or hidden, so I use it to try and make the card look good.

The card was designed to make you think about your nails, but it’s also a very simple way to express yourself.

It shows you that you have the power to change your mind.

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to flowers, my heart always goes to the top.


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