Why it’s time to look past the ‘weeds’

Weeds are the name of the game.

In the modern world, there’s no better term to describe the problems facing a modern society.

As one of the largest industries in the world, the internet has been responsible for the rise of a new generation of online marketers.

But for many, weeds are still a key part of the equation.

The modern world needs to understand the role that weeds play in society.

“What’s the best way to tackle these weeds?” asks Dan Cramer, founder of marketing agency Big Dog Media.

“A great way to combat them is to have the right tools.”

The new digital landscape is a lot different than the old digital landscape, so it makes sense that the internet of things (IoT) is a growing part of what’s driving the change.

But, as Cramer points out, “It’s a good time to ask if we can use these tools in the right way.”

Here are five tips to help you get started: 1.

Create a ‘smart’ platform that doesn’t require your attention.

“I think that the new generation is very much interested in doing things that are not necessarily about marketing but about doing things in the future,” says Cramer.

“The new generation wants to be part of a world that is digital and not about an analog world.”

“We need to look at how do we have these different worlds together, and be a part of them, so that we are part of an ecosystem of growth.”

That’s the smart way to create a smart platform.

For example, one of Big Dog’s biggest clients is a company that is trying to help users manage their digital footprints, like what’s in their Facebook feeds.

This could be a social network, or an app that lets you track your grocery shopping.

Cramer says that these companies could help their clients understand the difference between a Facebook feed and a shopping app, and how to get around that.

“If you’re looking for a way to have these platforms work together, I think that you should look at a platform like a cloud platform,” he says.

“You need a cloud-based platform that has the capability to be a partner.”


Find the right type of content.

When it comes to creating a smart marketing platform, Cramer suggests looking at content that is targeted to different audiences.

For instance, he suggests the use of interactive videos.

“We have a lot of content that’s not really designed for social media, which is great for people that have more of a traditional business,” he explains.

But “if we’re talking about a social platform that is going to be targeting a larger audience, then we need to be really mindful about what the right content is.”

Cramer recommends using short videos to demonstrate the content.

For a business like Big Dog, this could be videos that showcase the products that they are selling.

Another option would be videos of people speaking, like TED talks, that explain how the business works.

“There are a lot more content types that are going to help your business, and the more types that you can use, the more people you’re going to attract to your platform,” says Rana Khurana, founder and CEO of digital agency Tindro.


Find ways to create relationships with users.

“When we look at content, we are interested in the relationship between the content creator and the user,” says Khur and Cramer together.

“It can be the content that they create and what they want to know about it, the way they interact with it.

If they’re creating a video, then you want to use video as a way of making sure you are building the right relationship.”

Tindra and Big Dog both have a number of ways to connect with their users.

Tindeer uses the Tindr platform to let customers and brands connect through a shared digital ecosystem.

Big Dog uses the platform to connect brands and customers.

And Tindroo also has partnerships with influencers to deliver content to consumers.

For Cramer and Khurna, these types of relationships are vital to the success of their clients.

“This is the new age, and we need a lot better ways to have relationships with people that we can have those relationships with,” says Tindrona.


Learn about your audience.

C&C’s research suggests that a good way to get to know your audience is to ask them questions.

“That’s a great way of finding out what kind of people you have a connection with and how you might connect with them,” says Khan.

If you want a better understanding of what your audience likes, Khan says, it can be useful to get some data from social media data.

For Big Dog and Tindros, this can be by using Tindroid.

TINDRO is one of a few companies that are experimenting with building data into the platforms they sell.

For more on the TINDroid platform, read “Tindro: A new way to connect


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