How to make your own gardenia flower drawing

A few simple instructions will make your gardenia a beautiful and colourful flower.

Step 1 Place your gardenias flowers in a bowl.

Step 2 Using a large glass bowl, make sure your gardeni is at least 1cm (0.4in) deep and about 1cm high.

Step 3 With your hands, start drawing on the gardenia flowers using the flower drawing method.

Step 4 You may also want to dab a small amount of water on your gardenis flowers and then draw them with your finger, just to make sure they’re drawn in a nice and tidy pattern.

Step 5 As the flower water dries, move your hand back and forth between the flower and the bowl.

You should have a nice, neat pattern, which you can continue to draw with your fingers and with a brush.

Step 6 Place your flowers in the bowl and add more water if necessary.

Step 7 Continue to draw the pattern, making sure you’re using your best judgement.

The result is almost too good to be true!

Step 8 When you’re finished, add a bit of water and your gardenii is ready to flower!

Step 9 Try to get the flowers as close to the surface of the bowl as possible, but don’t let the bowl touch the flower.

The best result is to gently push them back and then, using your finger or a brush, gently tap the bowl to bring them closer to the flower!


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