Birth of new baby is beautiful, but is it worth it?

Fertility experts are questioning whether a new baby will be worth it, with a new study suggesting that women’s experiences of birth control may change with each pregnancy.

A survey of more than 4,000 women who were trying for their first baby found that the majority of them had experienced a period of depression after having a child.

About half of the women reported feeling tired, irritable and depressed, and about a third reported being concerned that they would never have children.

“They have more of a need for control,” said Dr. Barbara M. Leffler, the associate dean for medical education at the University of California, San Francisco.

“So they may be more likely to take more of these medications.”

Leffler and her colleagues examined birth control pills that had been prescribed to women in their early 20s, and compared them to those women’s birth control pill history.

They also compared women who took birth control with those who did not.

The researchers found that those who took their birth control had higher rates of depression and were more likely than those who had not taken birth control to be in the middle of their periods.

Lefflers team also found that women who did take birth control were more willing to wait for their period to end, but less likely to feel good about the outcome.

And it was the pill’s effect on women’s moods that had the biggest effect.

When they were given the pill to help them control their period, the women who had taken birth in the previous year had higher levels of depression.

And when they received the pill during their period they reported feeling more depressed and more anxious, compared with women who didn’t receive it.

The findings may be of use to those who have difficulty conceiving or in couples who are looking to conceive.

The pill was also found to have a positive effect on the health of a fetus and a baby.

The study, published online in the journal PLOS One, is based on interviews with 5,857 women who completed a questionnaire about their birth and pregnancy experiences and had a doctor’s prescription for birth control, or had been using a different form of birth-control pill.

They were surveyed again at the end of their pregnancies, after their first and second pregnancies.

They were also asked how much they had taken their birth-and-pregnancy-control pills and how often they had been able to have periods.

About 1 in 6 women who used the pill reported a period.

About 3 in 10 women who reported using birth control reported a menstrual cramp and about 1 in 10 reported having to delay their periods because of the cramp.

About 2 in 5 women who use birth control said that their period was difficult or missed due to the cramps.

About 12% of women who gave birth said that they were concerned that their periods would not end in the next month, compared to 4% of those who didn`t.

The majority of the pill users were also more likely for their periods to be difficult or miss due to cramps than those that didn`ve taken birth-contraceptive pills.

About half of pill users said that the pill helped them get over their period.

But a small number of pill consumers said that taking birth- and-pampers didn` t help.

About 10% of pill customers said that birth-pills were not effective in preventing periods from becoming painful, and 6% said that no pill could be used in preventing cramps or spotting.

LeFFLER says that she hopes her study will shed some light on why some women use birth- control but don`t get pregnant.

“We know that a lot of women have low levels of testosterone in their system, so there is some hormonal impact that can be associated with poor contraceptive use,” Lefflers said.

“I would love to know if those who use the pill are actually experiencing lower levels of hormone production in the body.”

In addition to Leffels research, she also collaborated with her colleagues on a study of women in which they examined the effects of different contraceptive methods on their moods.

The study, titled “Contraceptive and birth-cycle factors and mood changes in a large sample of women” is scheduled for publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


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