When you want to make your house look a little less like a barn, try a circular flow diagram

BEIJING — Chinese authorities have begun a crackdown on an emerging trend in the design world — circular flow diagrams.

The trend, which involves placing a large, ornate circle at the center of the floor plan of an apartment building or office building, has become popular among designers and builders, who are seeking to reduce space clutter and make their buildings look more spacious and inviting.

According to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), more than 400,000 circular flow charts have been created in the past 10 years, with more than 1.5 million being sold in China alone.

“Circular flow diagrams have become a trend, as more and more people are trying to use them to save space,” said Zhou Liliang, a designer and a member of the NDRC.

“They’re more practical and they look nice.

Circular flows help to reduce clutter and space by providing a simple way to draw people’s attention to the building.”

The circular flow is based on a principle known as the Kinematic Principle.

The principle states that when the center line of a flat surface (such as a flat floor) is perpendicular to the floor it should have the same center angle.

Using the same line to make a circle and then placing the circle along the floor creates a circular pattern, or an arch.

A circular flow can be an attractive way to make the floor more open, and it can be a great way to reduce floor space and increase the comfort of a room.

In an interview with CNNMoney, Liliampang explained that while the design of a building can make or break a project, a circular floor plan can also make it more enjoyable.

She said circular flow patterns are used in many design projects, including home décor, as well as commercial projects, and she says the design community is taking notice.

Even the idea of circular flow in the apartment building market is attracting attention.

One Chinese developer is using circular flow to decorate his apartment building in a way that can be seen from the outside.

It is the first time a circular-shaped design has been designed for the apartment, and the developer says he has already received more than 10,000 requests to decorating the building.

Many Chinese designers have been taking the trend to heart, Lillang said.

They are designing the buildings for the people who are going to live in them, not for the developers, she said.

“People who want to live here and not live in the suburbs are going [to see] circular flows.

People will look for them in the buildings they want to decorates,” Lillampang said, adding that the design industry is becoming more global.

Since the rise of China’s booming tech sector, the country’s planners have begun to take circular flows more seriously.

After the election of President Xi Jinping, Chinese cities are seeing a proliferation of circular design projects.

There are also more designers and architects in China now than ever before, according to the NDNC.

But while some designers are using the trend as a way to save on space, others are making it their own.

Chen Yixian, a design and architecture professor at Shanghai Normal University, said designers are also turning to circular flow as a new way to communicate with clients.

For example, the NDPC said in a survey of designers that circular flow was often used in the marketing department of their companies, as a means of marketing to their clients.

It is also a way of expressing the ideas and desires of their clients, Chen said.


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