JASMINE AND HIBISCUS Flowers to be added to the National Botanical Garden’s collection

DALLAS — The National Botanic Garden in Dallas is making new additions to its collection of flowers to add to its already extensive collection of plant species.

The gardens newest additions to the collection will be adding more plant species to the existing collection and are set to open this spring.

Hibiscus, jasmine and lilac will be added.

“These are very different species that were very rare in the past,” said Michael Sosnow, a curator of botany at the National Museum of Natural History.

I hope they will be welcomed by people, said Jennifer Echols, curator of the botanical gardens flower collection.

They will be brought to the gardens collection in order to be included in a new exhibit that opens March 1, Sosnight said.

There will also be a new flower garden with a pavilion and a flower-growing area.

The pavilion will have a view of the pavilion overlooking the gardens entrance.

Plants and plants and more plants are being added to this year’s collection.

The gardens current collection includes more than 40 species of flowering plants and a new collection of flowering shrubs and trees.

Sosnow said this year has been a bit challenging because the plant collections are not as complete as they were last year.

We were looking for a more complete set of plant specimens for this new collection.

We wanted to keep our collections in order.

Sosnick said the new plants will be kept in a smaller section of the gardens and they will include more plant varieties.

He said the goal is to have a more diverse set of plants in the future.

You could be looking at a lot of species that are just now coming into our collections, Sotnik said.


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