How to make your own marijuana-infused weed flower

I used to think cannabis-infusing flower was a fad, but I’m not going to lie.

My friend Amber was able to make her own flower with some help from her husband and son and it’s absolutely delicious.

Amber and her husband were looking to make their own flower because they wanted something a little different and their son had an allergy to the plant.

Amber’s husband is a retired chef who is also a marijuana activist.

He told me about making her own cannabis-based flower, and he was right.

This is not the kind of flower you see in your local flower shop.

Amber says, “We just wanted something different.”

Amber and husband have been growing marijuana plants for about a year and a half, and Amber and the rest of the family is enjoying the taste.

Amber explained that she’s not an experienced gardener, but she’s had success growing cannabis-growing plants on her own.

Her son, Cody, is currently growing the plant in their backyard.

They had Cody grow his own cannabis in his backyard and Amber used a small amount of fertilizer to help him grow the plant and add nutrients.

The couple was able also to grow the flower in their basement, where they kept it in an airtight container.

After growing the flower, they placed the flower on a table in their living room and started to grow.

Amber said, “I made the plant with a small bag of fertilizer that was about the size of a golf ball, and it was ready to go.”

When they started to harvest the flowers, Amber was worried that it would start to rot.

“I was like, ‘I’ll just have to wait and see,'” she said.

They were able to harvest about four to five buds, and they kept growing until they had enough to last them for several weeks.

Amber, Cody and their family are happy with their first harvest, and now they’re ready to start making some cannabis-inspired products.

Amber was hoping to grow her own marijuana plants in her backyard, but the couple decided to take their time and try something new.

Amber told me that she was hoping that this would be her first time making a cannabis-centric flower, but it’s been quite a while since she’s made a flower.

Amber hopes to use the proceeds from her cannabis-focused flower to help fund a scholarship for children with epilepsy.

Cody said, If I were a teacher, I would make it a point to help the kids with epilepsy get to school and make sure that they have the materials that they need.

They hope that the flower will inspire people to take care of their own plants, too.

Amber has also started working on her new marijuana-based fragrance.

She is currently working on a marijuana-themed fragrance called “CBD Love,” and she said, I want to create something that’s fun, uplifting and uplifting for people to use.

“The smell is definitely my favorite part of the whole process,” Amber said.

Amber plans to start selling her cannabis flower online soon, and she also plans to offer other marijuana-related products, like a hemp-based marijuana shampoo, and a cannabis oil.

Amber is hoping to make more marijuana-focused products in the future.


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