How do you make your flowers stand out from the crowd?

What if you could create a flower from a simple piece of paper and then give it to someone to enjoy?

That’s what a small company called FlowerTuple hopes to do.

The flowers were produced by creating a 3D printable design of a flower, which the company then printed out and shipped to its customers.

FruitTuple has also created an app to help people create flower stencks for their home.

It was initially designed to help consumers make flowers out of paper, but it was also designed to be used in the classroom and in the home, so it was then put into use by the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne.

The company’s co-founder, Paula Taylor, said it had been a big hit with customers and their teachers.

“When I started I didn’t think it would be a big deal, it was kind of a cool idea at the time,” Ms Taylor said.

“But the more I think about it, it’s been really useful to teachers and to students who are just starting out.”

Ms Taylor said it was important for teachers to have a range of different designs for their students to use, but not to have to get all the same.

“It’s great for teaching but it’s really helpful for the students and the teacher to be able to look at different designs to see what works for them,” she said.

Ms Taylor also said it could be a great way to get creative in a classroom environment.

“The more you get creative the more interesting the designs become,” she added.

“I don’t think there’s anything better than being able to be creative and see what you can come up with.”

FlowerTuple says its system was developed to allow teachers to work in a collaborative setting, allowing them to have the flexibility to come up and create new designs or to have their own designs and have them delivered to their students.

The company’s CEO and founder, Paul Taylor, told ABC News the idea came about after one of her students suggested they make a flower for their teacher.

“She asked what I thought of flowers,” Ms Tran said.”[She] had this idea that we could make a 3d printable flower for her to have on her desk.”

Ms Tran and her partner made the design and sent it to the Royal Garden for the flower to be printed and shipped.

“We didn’t do it to have it in the garden, we didn’t make it for them, we made it for the teacher, to give her something to look through,” she explained.

“What we wanted to do was give her a piece of art and that’s what we did.”

The flower was then presented to the teacher and students to enjoy.

“For teachers and students, it has been really helpful,” Ms Tate said.

“We’ve had a few people say that it’s a bit too personal, and it’s very important for them to know that their flowers are really special, so they can have something to hold onto.”

Ms Tate said the system had been useful in teaching her daughter how to create flower designs and to make the flowers for herself.

“Because of the way she is she can do this and that, and she’s doing it all on her own,” she continued.

“I’ve been able to take her on trips and we’ve got flowers hanging in her room.”

Ms Tattles is not alone in her passion for creating flowers, with her students using the system to make flower stencs and even using the app to make their own.

Ms Trans daughter has even created a flower stencer for her daughter’s classroom.

“Our students love it, they like the idea of making flowers,” she joked.


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