Flowers, flowers, flowers for the people

By The Associated Press AP AP – For most of the year, the sun shines through the window of the Blue Lotus Flower Boutique on Main Street in Lakeland, Fla., in front of a display of tulips and other flowering plants.

It is a scene reminiscent of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when people in the Miami area often visited the flower shop to buy and sell flowers for their homes.

But with the arrival of the first winter weather storm, the shop has closed for good.

“We have been closed, it’s been a big blow,” said Lisa Smith, who owns the flower boutique with her husband, Jeff Smith, and their three young daughters.

This year, she is selling all her flowers.

Her husband, who has had a career in marketing and has lived in Florida for 25 years, is a self-described “treehugger.”

They started their business when they were both 15.

They have been buying flowers from a local supplier since 2007.

The shop sells more than 30 different kinds of flowers, including tulips, kudzu, white daisies, tulips that bloom in a springtime garden and blue lotuses.

They also sell flowers, seeds and other supplies for the indoor garden.

Smith said her daughter has been a fan of the flower store since she was a child.

She and her husband are hoping to reopen their shop sometime in January.

But she and her friends say they need help to get back to normal.

While it is a great business, the local flower shop has had its fair share of problems, Smith said.

For example, the flower business has struggled to keep up with demand from tourists, many of whom want to buy flowers from nearby businesses such as the Coral Gables Garden Center.

Last year, when the weather got bad, many residents in the Coral Gardens area went outside to buy plants and flowers.

But many of those people were told that they could not purchase flowers from the flower shops because they were not in the local tourist zone.

On Wednesday, a Coral Gable Garden Center representative told the AP that the city’s tourism commission has decided to revoke the flower businesses license because of the current weather.

The flower shops are also struggling to stay open because the flower season is in the last week before the next snowfall.

Many of the floral products and seeds purchased by visitors have been rejected by the flower supply company.

The Coral Gays Gardens Center has been offering flower supplies and seeds to residents and tourists since the spring.

The center, which was established in 1984, is an extension of the city of Coral Springs.

Its mission is to support the local economy through programs and programs to foster a healthy environment for residents, visitors and the local wildlife.

It has a flower shop, and the Coral Garden Center is also a community partner for many community programs.

The Coral Gardens Garden Center provides food for local organizations such as local schools and libraries, as well as other food assistance programs, and offers free food to students, the elderly and children in need.

A spokeswoman for the Coral Springs Flower Center said the company is still in the process of revoking its license.

Flowers for sale in the Blue lotuses at Blue Lotus Boutique, Miami, Fla.

(Photo: The Associated The Miami Herald via AP)The Coral Gardens Flowers Boutique has been in business for 25 or 30 years and is now in the final stages of closing, Smith and her daughters said.

“We are really just in the throes of a very, very sad time,” Smith said in a phone interview.

In 2016, Smith started a new business called Coral Gardens Flower Seeds and Seed Company.

Her husband, in an interview, said that he is hoping to find a buyer for the business.

He said he is trying to get flowers from local growers that are willing to sell flowers to him.

“I am working hard to try to find the best company to sell to them,” he said.

“I am hoping that eventually, someone will come along and buy our business.”

It’s going to be a hard time for the family, but hopefully we can do our part to keep this place going,” he added. More:


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